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About L.T.Rubber

Who We Are

LT Rubber Company Limited is the factory with a long history (founded in 1979) that adheres to reliability, best quality and customer satisfaction is the key to concern. We have a working principle that is a system that controls everything from searching for raw materials according to the needs of customers and also quality control from upstream production (Weather gardeners rubber or farmer groups.)

Which our own rubber pick-up points distributed in quality rubber sources or from middlemen that have been selected for quality and trade morals until reaching our own factory as well as the quality control of transportation that is owned by the company and outsourcer by selecting transportation companies with have full experience and specialized in delivering natural rubber products only to “Export of rubber worldwide”, not just selecting the best quality raw materials in the market at that time.

Our factory is located in Nakhon Si Thammarat province but there are distribution points scattered in various places such as Nabon District at Nakhon Si Thammarat Province ,Khao Chaison District  at Phatthalung Province, Nathawi District at Songkhla Province and Khlong Ngae District at Songkhla Province.In order to collect enough raw materials to meet the needs of customers.

Even from factory itself  or purchase points in various places. All of this has been experienced in the rubber business for at least 30 years, including  selection of raw materials quality to send to the factory and continue distributing to our customers.

LTR (LT Rubber Company Limited) is flexible in production due to the fact that the factory has many orders all the time and the incoming raw materials are of the highest quality in the world with freshness. We are able to follow customers orders, regardless of the color characteristics that has both light colors and dark colors greater or less flexibility, or even size and weight per piece that does not need to be standard size 111.11kg according to “Green Book”, but there are other sizes such as 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 31.50kg, 33.33kg or 50kg as well.

Vision and Mission

We want to be a sourcing company to exporting world-class smoked rubber sheets that offer value for money products and the best quality in the market on the various needs of customers also helping to push manufacturers those who gather raw materials for us that are ethical and quality which can be traced back when there is a problem to grow sustainably together.

This is to help society around various locations, whether the factory itself or the point of purchase including to help labor in the area together with our company employees and families to have a better quality of life.

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