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The Story Behind the Company


Mr.Somporn Lacharojana

Company founder

In the year of 1980,a company name L.T. RUBBER CO.,LTD. was established. It is located at 541 Chandi, Chawang, Nakhonsi thammarat, Thailand. This medium size of Rubber Smoked Sheets factories were managed by Khun Somporn with the capacities of 9,000 metric tons per year. Now, they were expanded to 24,000 metric tons per year.

The factory is located in the southern part of Thailand, the tropical area of South East Asia where the rubber tree grow very well and give a good yield. The rubber plantation are the major resources of livelihood income, the area that people can earn their income by tapping rubber and selling their rubber sheets.

Khun Somporn got extreme experiences in rubber business since he was 17 years old, he learn how to tap the rubber, how to taking care of rubber plantation. He worked in his rubber field over 40 years. He got sufficient knowledge about how to do the good quality of the rubber sheets.

During 1980-1986 all the productions were sold to local market, some to the exporters. the products having been known in the name of 'LTR'in Japan market.

 In late 1987,his daughter, Khun Benjawan Lacharojana, got her MBA in Marketing from Southeastern University, Washington D.C., U.S.A.. came back for his rubber business and started to work on marketing. She tried so hard to build up foreign marketing network. She have been success her goal by getting quality approval from Bridgestone Corporation, Japnan since 1987, under the factory house name 'LTR', L.T.R. Trading Co.,Ltd. become one of the Thai rubber exporter and a members of Thai Rubber Association as well.

Since the rubber business have been very high competitive, as a medium size rubber factories, we try to expand our market as well as to maintain our rubber quality as BS standard, to meet our customer demands and their satisfactions,and to keep our business firmness.


Ms.Benjawan Lacharojana

Managing Director

In 1985, after she finished her study, she came back from The USA, and started to work in L.T. Rubber Co., Ltd. as Plant Manager. In 1987, she established the export company names L.T.R. Trading Co., Ltd., at that time, she tried so hard to improve the quality of rubber to meet international standard, then in 1988, the company L.T.R. Trading Co., Ltd. got success by getting products approval from Quality Control Department of Bridgestone Corporation, Tokyo. We can sell our RSS directly to Bridgestone Corporation to feed their tire factory in Tokyo and others BS branch around the world. Moreover, because of BS approvement we beneficially can also sell our products to others broker company in Japan, the bulk of RSS cargoes can export through Marubeni, Kasho, Cargill etc.. and finally stop at the end users.

Thank you and appreciate of what you have done, Ben! If some of you perhaps see her in some business meeting, don’t be hesitate to contact her asking to find the possibility doing business together at next time, Thank you.


Mr.Chain A.Mongkolsin

Deputy Managing Director

At L.T.R, we always put our customers first - which means only hiring the most passionate and skilled people. Reese Whiteman is no exception, and has helped to make us what we are today.

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